Home Office Supplies You Should Have When Running an Online Printable Business

May 7, 2024

Having the right supplies for your home office is crucial to a successful printable business, here are a few I recommend.

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There are sooo many benefits to working from home in your own space. With that convenience, you often get more time with your kids, can work in your PJs, get to build your own schedule, have the opportunity to eat more meals at home and so many other perks! When I started working from home, another fun thing I added to my list was creating my own home office! It can be super fun to dedicate a space in your home to you and the work you’re so passionate about, but even if you don’t have the time or space to do that, you can make what you have work with just a few things on hand somewhere in your home.

Here are the home office supplies I recommend every printable business owner having:

HP or Canon Printer

These are 2 printers I have tried and tested and both have proved to provide good results for a medium priced range. These are great for starting out, especially when you might not have hundreds to spend on a quality printer!

Cutting Mat

When running a printable shop, you’re going to need to print and cut your printables to ensure they are customer-friendly, the right size and for taking listing photos. A cutting mat is great to have on hand so you aren’t messing up your own table or kitchen island 🙂

Studio Lightbox

This is a must-have for taking quality product photos for your website listings and social media content. You can use this along with your phone or even a camera when taking photos.


If you have others in your home while you work (spouses and kids can be loud sometimes ;)), headphones are great to use to keep you focused and productive while canceling out outside noise.

Coffee Machine

As business owners we’ve all learned the hard way that just because you aren’t working a standard 9-5, often times, you’re working so much more and, even if you aren’t working, you are thinking of work!! Coffee is a must. This is the coffee maker I have at home that I love and use every single day!

Apple MacBook Pro

Definitely not trying to ruffle any feathers here, but I am going to have to say that Apple is just simply superior to Windows. There are soooo many reasons I could give, but after experience using both, I can promise it’s true. An Apple MacBook Pro will last you years, it’s worth the investment!!

Foot Rest

This isn’t really a must-have, but it does get used all the time in my house. I have learned to love this, in all its uses, to help alleviate back and leg pain from hunching over the computer all day 😉

Office Chair

If you work at a desk, a quality office chair is definitely worth the investment! Trust me, your back will thank you later! Here’s one I have used and love.

iPad and Apple Pencil

I know this is more of a pricey investment purchase, but when you’re designing printables it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to need to draw and create your own art for the design. This is the best way I’ve found to do that. There are so many amazing ways you can create your art right on your iPad and then it’s digitally ready for you to use all across your designs!

iPhone Tripod

In our current world where social media is running the game, videos are really being pushed!! Having an affordable tripod for your iPhone like this that’s also easy to fold up and store away has been super helpful for creating reels (especially when you don’t have extra hands around to film you).

Filing Cabinet

Definitely doesn’t have to be this one, this is often time something people want to fit into their home aesthetic depending if you have an actual office or will need to keep this in your general living space, but I’ve found that (especially if you don’t have a desk), it’s nice to have something completely dedicated to your work. It can be something as simple as a filing cabinet like this where you can have your printer set on top, store your office supplies and then of course any important documents you might need to keep for your business can even be locked away at the bottom.

To-Do List

Again, this isn’t a must-have, but it’s something I’ve found to be helpful over the years. Having a designated place, outside the notes app on my phone, to write down important daily to-do’s or running tasks where I can see them all the time, helps me to stay on track and prioritize what is important on the day to day.

Having the right supplies is crucial to a successful business. Let me, of course, state that everyone starts somewhere and no one expects you to have every little thing on day one. But overtime investing in quality supplies will be so helpful in running your business! Along with supplies, there are lots of softwares and subscriptions I have found to be extremely helpful in my business that I love recommending to other printable business owners. If you’re interested in what those are, check out the blog post linked below 🙂

Home Office Supplies You Should Have When Running an Online Printable Business

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