Pinterest Scheduler Review: Tailwind vs. Metricool

May 20, 2024

Over the years, we’ve used 2 different schedulers that we have learned and loved each in their own way and today, we want to break them down for you.

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Pinterest can feel like its own scary beast that is so different from Instagram and Facebook (learn more about why Pinterest is so important for small business owners here). Chances are, if you’ve taken a Pinterest course or been doing any type of research on tips for marketing yourself on Pinterest, you’ve heard that sharing multiple fresh pins each day is ideal for content creators unlike sharing just once a day to other social media apps. That can seem totally overwhelming, especially if you’re thinking you have to manually post 5-30 pins all on your own every single day of the year. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to (or has the time to!!!) do that, us included!! That’s where Pinterest schedulers come in!! Over the years, we’ve used 2 different schedulers that we have learned and loved each in their own way and today, we want to break them down for you.

Let’s start with TAILWIND

Tailwind advertises themselves as “the tool that feels like a marketing team.”


Tailwind allows you to connect the following platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • and Pinterest!

The feature that sets Tailwind apart is their Tailwind Creator which can kind of be compared to a very lite version of Canva. Tailwind Creator is basically an in-app pin creator which helps business owners create fresh pins and schedule them all within one platform!

Other features they offer include:

  • A hashtag finder
  • A smart-bio creator
  • Communities which allows creators to connect and help each other grow
  • Analytics of all of your connected accounts


Tailwinds limits are pretty extreme and bring up the pricing if you want to stick to at least 5 pins a day (the minimum recommended number). Neither their Free or Pro plans are enough for those pin counts, so most creators are needing at least the Advanced plan which is quite pricey. We’ll discuss that next.


Pricing is definitely Tailwind’s downfall. As mentioned above, most creators, even with posting the minimum suggested amount daily, need at least the Advanced plan which is priced at $49.99/month which let’s be honest, is pretty high among many of the other expenses we are managing as business owners!

Ease of Use

Personally we found Tailwind to be much easier to use before the newest update (when we were still using). They do offer a calendar view which allows for great visualization (great for visual lovers like us!). And, of course, with their Tailwind Creator tool, you can manage your colors, fonts and logos which help with quickly creating fresh pins and getting them out there without a ton of extra work!


Tailwind does come highly recommended by many pros, but we’ve personally found that their pricing is their biggest downfall, especially since you cannot manage more than just Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for such a high price. BUT if pricing is not an issue for you, this might be a great option!

Now let’s compare with METRICOOL

Metricool advertises themselves as “the ultimate tool to analyze, manage and measure your social media activity.”


Metricool allows you to connect the following platforms in any plan:

  • Personal blog or website
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Your google business page
  • and of course, Pinterest!

They offer lots of other features such as:

  • Analytics for all of your connected accounts
  • Calendar view for easy visual planning
  • Smart links for easy tracking
  • One centralized inbox where you can see and respond to comments from all platforms


Metricool does have multiple pricing tiers, which we will discuss in a bit, but what we love is even in their lowest tier, you’re allowed 50 posts per month which, especially in the early days, is quite a bit. So just like with any platform, there are limits, but we have found theirs to be quite good.


Metricool offers 4 different tiered plans from a free plan to a huge plan for enterprises. The great part is, with any plan, you can manage at least one brand (which means one social media account per platform) which is great because even on the free plan you can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more!

Ease of Use

This is where we’ve come to know and looooove Metricool. After using Tailwind, and (to be honest!) not loving one of their newer updates, we have found Metricool to be fairly simple, easy to use and concise! We use it daily for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and we love that you are able to specifically manage each post separately for each platform. We definitely give it five out of five stars.


Metricool is what we currently use and have no plans of changing anytime soon, we have had nothing but a positive experience. We definitely love the fact that it is great for new to seasoned business owners with any budget!

Since Metricool is currently what we use here at High Peaks Studios, we highly recommend it to other business owners all the time! If you want to give it a try for yourself, you can use the link below to learn more and sign up.

*I only share about companies that I truly believe in, and some of the links in this content are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through them.

Pinterest Scheduler Review: Tailwind vs. Metricool

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