ETSY SEO 101: How to reach more buyers

March 21, 2024

As a successful Etsy Seller in the top 1% of sellers on Etsy, we have compiled a list of helpful tips to sellers like yourself with Etsy SEO.

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As a successful Etsy Seller in the top 1% of sellers on Etsy, we have compiled a list of helpful tips to sellers like yourself with Etsy SEO. When we were new to Etsy, SEO seemed intimidating and overwhelming, but after years of learning tips and tricks on what works and how to do it right, we’ve realized it’s not that intimidating after all! We are here to help you gain more views and sales on your shop listings.!! Today we’re sharing our top 6 recommendations for SEO for Etsy Sellers:

1. ETSY SEO Keyword Research:

This is probably one of the most important components of your listing SEO. Etsy gives you 13 opportunities to put in your tag words. Plus more in your listing title itself. First, let’s go over the difference between long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords. Both very important to include in your Etsy listing.

LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS: These are keywords with more than 3 words. Use these in your Etsy titles. These are what your listings will rank for.

SHORT-TAIL KEYWORDS: These are two or three word keywords. Use these in your tags to help support your title. We recommend you do not use one word keywords.

EXAMPLE: “Baby In Bloom Baby Shower Invitation” – This is my longtail keyword. It consists of more than 3 words and is descriptive to what I am selling. My supporting short tail keywords would be something like this: “Editable Invitation, Watercolor Flowers, Floral Shower, Wildflower Girl”. These all help to support my longtail keywords and add a little more description to what I am selling.

Here are 3 great tools for researching keywords:

  • Etsy Search Bar: This is the first place I start. It is a great place to see what other shoppers are searching for.
  • Erank: I personally use this for keyword research for most, if not all, of my listings. There is a free version of this you can try out first.
  • Marmalead: This is another good option that comes with a free trial.
Our Free Etsy SEO Keyword Planner Printable - High Peaks Studios

We created the ultimate Etsy Keyword Planner printable, FREE! Download the printable here!

2. Description Optimization:

Etsy wants a description of at least 160 characters. You should aim to put your most important keywords within the first 44 characters. Do not just copy and paste them, don’t look like a robot. Make your description readable while including those important keywords! Write them into a descriptive paragraph in your own words that describe your item. Add at least 2 keywords again throughout the description.

Make your description clear for your audience. This should include all important information they will need to make their decision to purchase your item. Don’t leave them wondering and asking questions.

It is important to not copy and paste another sellers descriptions. Write your description out yourself. Continue to improve it over time as you learn what is working and is not working for your SEO

3. Image Optimization:

Etsy gives you 10 photo slots per listing. It is encouraged to use all 10 spots for each listing. This can look different for everyone. Be sure to use clean, professional images that show your product to its fullest potential.

For example, if you are selling a printable invitation, you will want to show the front and back if there is one. Use images to describe the item. Is it editable? Then place an image in the listing with the editing program your customers will be using. Describe all the text fields that are editable in another photo. If there are sections that are not editable be sure to tell your customer. Show coordinating items that your customers can also explore while shopping. Make it easy for them to find. Don’t make your customers do a ton of work. The easier the customer experience, the more likely you are to make the sale! Plus less messages coming to your inbox!

4. Customer Service:

This one is a top section you want to truly concentrate on within Etsy for great SEO. Etsy as a whole absolutely loves shops that provide top notch customer service. They backed this up by starting the Star Seller Program. This program tracks your email response time, reviews, shipping and more. It is important to concentrate on your customers and give them the best support you possibly can. Etsy really pushes reviews and this is a major part that goes into a listings SEO. When Etsy sees great reviews coming in, it does help populate your listings to the top of the search. 

5. Off Page ETSY SEO:

Use social services and blogs to backlink your website. Etsy wants you to succeed and they want traffic to their site. Using backlinks to your listings not only helps Etsy but it helps YOU! A great tool Etsy just introduced is their Share and Save program. You can sign up and use the link provided from the program to share your products. The best part? This will also save you money!! With this, you pay 2.5% per order instead of the regular 6.5% Etsy takes on a normal sale.

6. Monitoring Performance and Making Adjustments:

After implementing these SEO strategies into your Etsy shop. Continue to regularly monitor the performance of each listing. Etsy provides great analytic tools to help know what is working and what is not working. Pay attention to the sections with views, and visits. Check each listings keyword traffic to see which is driving traffic and sales. Make adjustments ass needed to continually optimize your listing for best results.

You will find there are things that start to work with your shop and your business that may not work for others. This is ok, this is normal. Continue to work these avenues as needed. Your business is uniquely yours and that, is how it should be!

We genuinely hope this helped break things down for you and helped make Etsy SEO not sound quite so scary!! By implementing these strategies into your listings, it will ultimately enhance your Etsy SEO and help drive sales growth. Who doesn’t want that?!


To help you take this another step, we’ve included a free keyword research printable that you can download and print out to use when researching ETSY SEO for your listings and use as a guide when writing titles, descriptions and tags! Enter your information below to sign up and we’ll send it over immediately!

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Our Free Etsy SEO Keyword Planner Printable - High Peaks Studios

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